Uganda is open for leisure travel.

Uganda still feels refreshingly free and open for leisure travel, even with all the government regulations in place. It’s still high on everyone’s list of Africa destinations to visit, especially those who want to spend some time with our primate cousins. Whether you are a familiar return visitor with plenty of memories about the places you visited and the people you have connected with along the way, or first time visitor who is eager to explore what the tiny East African destination has to offer, Uganda is sure to fulfill your Africa safari dream.

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Gorilla Trekking Guide

Uganda offers 19 gorilla groups to tracking in five sections, and this gorilla trekking safari guide gives you all you need to see mountain gorillas in Uganda.

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What makes Uganda such an attractive safari destination and why you should visit.

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Uganda is a great single destination with great access to primate jungles, unique birding & hiking trails, safari attractions, mountaineering, and a great variety of cultural experiences, all in a single tiny country.

The Pearl of Africa Guide

Find top travel stories, guides, and experiences in the Pearl of Africa by experts and travelers.



Travel Guides & Experiences

Find information about the Pearl of Africa, Uganda destination guides, Africa safari, and gorilla trekking planning advice in a single online magazine. Destination Uganda guide is curated with travel content, tips, advice, and guides to help you plan your Uganda trip vacation seamlessly!

To See

Mountain Gorilla

98% Sightings.

Uganda protects more than half of the last mountain gorillas in the world.

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99% Sightings.

Uganda offers the best chimp viewing opportunities in the world.

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80% Sightings.

Only in Uganda, you can enjoy viewing tree-climbing lions and savannah prides.

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45% Sightings.

The elusive and hard-to-spot leopard is widely spread in Uganda’s savannah parks.

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31% Sightings.

Cheetah only occurs in Kidepo Valley National Park in the extreme northeast.

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100% Sightings.

African elephants occur in all Uganda’s national parks except for Lake Mburo.

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30% Sightings.

White rhino only occurs in the UWA managed Ziwa Rhino sanctuary.

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89% Sightings.

Rothchild’s giraffe is most populated in Uganda than anywhere else.

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100% Sightings.

29 antelope species, about one-third of the African total are found in Uganda.

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Golden Monkey

70% Sightings.

Endemic to the Virungas and can only be seen in Mgahinga National Park

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98% Sightings.

Can be seen in the Nile waters of Murchison, Kazinga Channel, and Lake Mburo’s shallow waters.

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99% Sightings.

Buffalo is common in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks.

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We understand the destination, its routes, and travel logistics more than you do!

Why Uganda?

Find information about the Pearl of Africa, Destination Uganda guides, Africa safari, and gorilla trekking planning advice in a single Place. Destination Uganda is an online travel marketing magazine. We travel around Uganda every chance we get to experience the uncharted raw attractions before crowds stamp on its hidden gems. What makes Uganda a preferred safari destination to a savvy traveler is that its tourist numbers are still small and tolerable compared to its famous giant safari neighbors. There’s a big chance that an ordinary traveler’s toes will not get stepped on, their lazy evenings will not be disrupted, or even they might be the only one on a game drive in the entire national park. The destination is a giant private reserve that makes private safari an affordable indulgence for a common traveler.

Uganda has all the savannah plains, the rainforest jungles, the snow-capped mountains, and the indigenous African cultures to brag about. Having all this travel trove in one giant private reserve, I think, makes Ugandan people the most modest, welcoming, entertaining, and so much caring hosts.

Our destination guide collects its content from travelers who’ve been there, experts who live in Uganda, and ourselves who, every time an opening shows up, travel through this Pearl of Africa. We partner with local expert operators to help you plan your trip at no cost to you and manage your journey once you confirm it.

Safari Experts

Use our safari experts to help you design a Safari or gorilla trekking experience in Uganda that suits your style, or pick one of ours and customize it for your way of travel. When you send us an email, our reservations system connects you directly with a matching local expert that would meet your requirements and travel style. No third parties, no agents! You and a local expert shaping how you’ll spend your once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Africa.

Travel Guide

Use our extensive online guide to find the right questions to ask or know more about the destination. We use local experts, safari guides, our team, and travelers to post up-to-date Uganda travel guides. There’s no better place to find the correct destination information than from a local source or someone who’s been there. Browse our Travel to Uganda Guide, know more about the destination Uganda before you travel!


Our safari trips take you to the rich multicultural Ugandan sites to experience the sites, sounds, taste the food, and mix with the local people. Driving east of the capital Kampala takes you to the source of the mighty Nile river. Travelers flock here to relive John Hanington Speke’s experience of discovering the calm beginnings of the Nile’s 6,600-kilometer journey to Egypt.

What is Interesting?

Down the Nile, as it trails through the Albertine Rift leaving small lakes towards Uganda’s northwestern border, the Nile leaves behind the most spectacular scenes through Murchison Falls National Park.  Massive numbers of animals and birds gather along its and surround savannah plains. Here, you’ll meet the bush celebrities, Africa BIG 5 game animals ( lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Leopard), and watch their plains drama along this route. A couple of miles south is Queen Elizabeth National Park, a familiar favorite among celebrity travelers like former British Priminister Winston Churchill. Lots more African mammals sprawl the Queen’s savanna bushes pushing Darwin’s survival-for-the-fittest laws to the limit.

Beautiful landscapes

Towards the southwest of Uganda, the plains fade away from the savanna plains into the highlands. The highlands give the southwest stunning vistas that earn the country the name Pearl of Africa. Here, giant patches of rainforest jungles harbor a record number of wildlife species and various African tribes.

How people manage to live with hyper chimpanzee bands that are freely roaming the nearby protected forests is pretty impressive. Some of the apes are habituated to welcome your gazes and funny gadgets through jungle trails.

Higher up about 5,000 ft, in the volcanic mountain slopes, hangs wildlife’s most successful conservation story; the endangered mountain gorilla giants. These primates rule the unexplored territory that will leave a new safari travel style in your experience bag. These giants are Uganda’s tourism magnet, so expect a whole other view of your own existence on this earth.

Where to stay

Uganda has a good number of properties to host you when you visit. Whether you’re traveling on your own or hiring one of our trip managers, you’ll find lodging that suits your style.

Uganda is a rewarding single destination, and you don’t have to overland or cross borders. Spend more time at a small exclusive lodge or camp and let yourself get used to the destination, worry less about how things are going, and you’ll find that it’s when you have to leave that you’re just starting to enjoy the destination. Uganda is worth the price. Check out our Travel To Uganda Guide to know a little bit about the destination.


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Uganda - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

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Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi Second Edition

Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi
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The sooner we act together by being not together, the sooner we can reopen our doors and our hearts, and resume sharing our African lifestyle with all of you. In the meantime please… Be safe. Be kind. Be well.

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