9 ways to ease back into Africa safaris—post covid-19 restrictions

9 ways to ease back into Africa safaris—with COVID terms

Africa safari trip to some savanna plains paradise may not be possible due to covid-19 travel restrictions but here are 9 ways to ease back into travel.

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Exploring Kampala City, Uganda's Economic and Social Hub

Exploring Kampala City

Established on rolling hills off the shores of Lake Victoria, Kampala is a conventional African capital and Uganda’s economic and social hub.

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How To Travel in Uganda On a Budget

How To Travel Uganda On a Budget

The leisure travel scene has evolved because of Coronavirus & Africa safari travelers are looking for a how to travel in Uganda on a budget.

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Travel To Uganda, Getting There & Away

How To Travel To Uganda, Getting There & Away

The best way to travel to Uganda and away is by air but road & marine provide 40 choices of getting to & leaving with border restricitons.

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Health Advisory travelling to Uganda, vaccines, diseases, entry requirements

Uganda Travel Health Advisory

Please refer to your consulate or embassy for accurate health advisory when traveling to Uganda. Here is what we have on travel health.

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Packing list: what to take on your Uganda safari trip

Packing List, What To Pack for Uganda Safari

You don’t need more than a change of clothes and few basic toiletries, but here’s your packing list: what to pack for your trip to Uganda.

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Uganda Travel Advisory: Is it safe to travel to Uganda?

Uganda Travel Advisory

Uganda travel advisory on security, crime, women travel, carrying money and more. The country has been acceptably safe ever since 1986.

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Travelling with disability on a Uganda safari trip with confidence

Traveling With Disability in Uganda

Traveling with a disability on a Uganda safari trip with confidence; use these tips to plan your holiday tour around activities that suit you

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Disinfecting your safari hotel room before you use it.

How to disinfect your safari room

When you come into the country for your Uganda safari trip, your hotel room may be cleaned but it pays to disinfect touch points yourself.

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Navigating Uganda’s Red Tape: Visa & Entry Requirements like passport, Covid, customs and pets.

Uganda Visa & Entry Requirements

Uganda Visa and entry requirements including Covid-19 standards, clearing customs, passport, and how to carry your pet into the country.

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Boboon, Safari Photography Tips for Wildlife Trip to Uganda

Uganda Safari Photography Tips

Beginner’s basic Africa safari photography tips. For when you want to get photographing wildlife right on your holiday trip to Uganda.

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is the gorilla trekking experience worth it? Gorilla Safari in uganda, the Africa safari account.

Is The Gorilla Trekking Experience Worth The Money

So many travelers have asked me if the gorilla trekking experience in Uganda worth it. Here’s my whole primates safari experience in Bwindi.

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self-drive uganda

Self-drive Dos & Don’ts in Uganda

The most important rule on a self-drive in Uganda is “Keep Left”. Like British roads, traffic drives on the left with car steering on the right.

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Best time for a Safari trip to Uganda

Best Time To Visit Uganda

Find out the best time for a safari trip to Uganda considering the country’s weather, climate conditions, gorilla trekking & activities.

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Luganda words and phrases for your Ugandan safari trip

Common & Popular Ugandan Travel Words & Phrases

10 common and popular Ugandan words and phrases to enrich your trip to Uganda, words to help you have a great African safari holiday in Uganda.

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Operating a Drone in Uganda

Operating a Drone in Uganda Procedures

There’s no doubt bringing a drone on your safari is an excellent idea. But operating a drone in Uganda, like any country, has procedures.

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Africa Safari Post Covid-19

Africa Safari Post Covid-19

Africa Safari Vacations post Covid-19 may not return to normal soon but won’t stop travel entirely. We got the virtual feed for a different experience.

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African virtual safari ideas for your travel lust

African virtual safari ideas for your travel lust

Looking for ways to feed your travel lust while on lockdown? Blast through your screen and check out these top African virtual safari vacations the whole family will love.

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Top Luxury Lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest - sanctuary retreat bwindi luxury lodge

Top 6 Luxury Lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

These are the top 6 Luxury safari Lodges in Bwindi, offering premium services to boost your experience tracking gorillas in the Uganda jungle.

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Roasted Plantain - Ugandan snacks you must try

7 Ugandan Snacks You’ve Just Got to Try

If you’re planning a trip to Uganda in East Africa, most probably to see the mountain gorillas, you must try these 7 delicious Ugandan snacks.

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