If your heart is telling you to book an Africa safari trip to some savanna plains paradise while your brain is telling you not to leave the house or your country, you’re not alone. This travel tug-‘o’-war is nagging at many of us, especially when scrolling through our own social media feeds presents us with throwback photos from past safari trips. While all leisure travel is subject to frequently changing governmental restrictions (travelers should check federal, state, and local advisories before scheduling trips), here are some pointers on how to take those first tentative steps out the door once your community dubs it safe to do so.

Road trip safari after covid-19

Get on the open road safari

Safaris don’t only happen in the African wild; an open road trip in your country is a safari. The open road safaris spell freedom anytime, but especially during times like these when, little by little, the world is starting to open up again. Unlike air travel needed to cross continents for an Africa Safari, interaction with other folks is lessened on open road safaris.

Pumping gas requires minimal interaction and only a pair of disposable gloves. Between the drive-through at fast-food restaurants and takeout options at roadside diners and mom ‘n’ pop eateries, dining options are plentiful.

Meanwhile, most motels and hotels lining interstates and major highways accept reservations, vacation rentals offer virtually zero (if any) person-to-person contact, and RV vacations promise no contact at all.

On a road safari trip, you are literally in the driver’s seat, which means the decision of how far from home you wish to stray is completely yours. Best of all? Traffic in and out of your home city is likely to be minimal—for now.

Yosemite, Home vacation trips after covid
Yosemite. Pixabay.com

Keep your safari close to home

No matter which part of the country you live in, we’re willing to bet there are plenty of cool safari attractions in your region that you either haven’t gotten around to yet or haven’t even discovered.

Check your state’s tourism site to unearth a few interesting, drivable destinations that make for great quick safari getaways. Start small with a day trip to a nearby beach, trail, or historic site, if that’s what you’re most comfortable with.

Love for nature

Pump up your love for nature

You’ve been cooped up—perhaps with kids—since March, and you are going stir crazy; your dreams of Africa safari are being squashed. We don’t blame you. While hanging out in a front or backyard (if you’re fortunate enough even to have one) or walking around the block is nice, we understand craving more. The great outdoors might be the answer.

Countries like the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom have already loosened parks’ restrictions. National Parks are likewise following suit. Check your state’s tourism website for more information.

Likewise, the U.S. boasts more than 88,000 miles of shoreline, including many secluded beaches perfect for taking a walk or getting fresh air. Other places with great shores include the French Riviera (France),
Coral Coast (Fiji), Costa Verde (Brazil), Ha Long Bay (Vietnam), North Shore (Hawaii), Amalfi Coast, etc. Check state and county websites to see which ones are open and accessible to visitors.

African virtual safari ideas for your travel lust
Victoria Falls

Take a virtual Africa safari tour

Fire up your smart television, blast through your screen, and check out the top African virtual safari vacations the whole family will love. With adrenaline-pumping activities galore, there are countless ways to experience this enthralling natural wonder.

Fly over the Victoria Falls, the longest waterfall on the continent, take a savanna game drive in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, Hike through the African jungle and sit with the gorillas or drive with the safari icons in Kruger National Park. There are too many options online to keep your love for Africa safaris heightened.

Book a hotel that has implemented Covid health guidelines

A clean hotel room is a must. The great news is that hotel governing bodies like that of the US, UK, and Italy recently released Guidance and advice for those providing hotel and other accommodation. Guidelines and standards are meant to evolve based on recommendations from public health experts and authorities and comply with local laws. Read the guidelines, remember they are just guidelines, call your hotel in advance to ask what safety standards they’ve put in place.

Use the “no change fees” filter to search flights

One of the few positive effects the coronavirus has had on travel is that many airlines have become much more flexible with their change and cancellation fees. Book your next trip now without worrying by filtering your flight search results by airlines offering these flexible options. Sites like Travelocity.com make it easy; click the “No change fees” search filter, and you’ll see prices for dozens of flights with flexible policies, all in one place.

Book hotels and rental cars with flexible cancellation policies

OTAs like Travelocity also have great sources for finding hotels that offer free cancellation. Again, this option lets you book with ease and confidence, just in case things change or you change your mind.

Limiting your hotel search results to properties with flexible policies is as easy as choosing the “Free cancellation” option under the “Payment Type” filter. As for rental cars, Travelocity always lets you pay later so that you can cancel your car at any time.

book a vacation rental

Book a vacation rental

If you’ve never booked a vacation rental, your next adventure might be the time to try one out! Vacation rentals offer one-of-a-kind accommodations in unique locations.

Imagine the serenity of having your very own lakefront cabin, gazing up at the stars from the comfort of an airstream trailer in the desert, or hearing the waves lap up against the shore at an oceanfront cottage. Africa’s safari feel-like possibilities are endless!

What to pack for covid-19 travel

Watch what you pack

Prepare to leave that second swimsuit tucked away in a drawer as you make room in your luggage for a few COVID-avoidance essentials.

Many questions have arisen around the value of wearing protective coverings, general hygiene, and disinfecting public spaces. To better understand how these issues might impact your packing decisions, visit the CDC website, which offers answers to these questions and more.


Otherwise, we have a couple of scheduled Africa safari vacation packages you can book and plan for post-Covid-19 restrictions. Our ground handler will deal with you directly, with no third parties, no agency fee, just you and the local expert. You’ll get first-hand knowledge of the most popular attractions, facilities, and recommendations. Your inquiry email ([email protected]) will go directly to the local safari expert on the ground. Start planning your next trip on your terms in your style too!

Inspired by Jason Heidemann & Martina Sheehan post on Travelocity: 8 ways to east back into travel.