Getting Around in Uganda

Things you should know getting around in Uganda like transport, domestic flights, the people, culture, self-drive, media, and communication. A destination guide for travelers planning a Uganda safari or a visit to Uganda.

Ugandans are remarkably positive and spirited people, and no one comes away from the country without a measure of admiration and affection for the people. So getting around in Uganda for the first time on safari is not such a hustle for so many. You’ll find navigating this small East Africa destination is quite comforting, like Micheal Douglas and Denny in Romancing the Stone blockbuster.

Education levels have traditionally been high by African standards, and most Ugandans are keen debaters, discussing politics and personality in equal measure. They are opinionated and eloquent during disagreements, yet unfailingly polite and engagingly warm. If a country can be said to have one, the national personality is in stark contrast to the brutality and bloodshed of the past.

Ugandans are very polite and friendly people and will often greet strangers on public transport or rural areas. It’s not just a simple ‘hello’ but also ‘How are you?’ or ‘How is your family?’, and the interest is genuine. Hence, it is always best to ask after the well-being of whoever your guide introduces you to, rather than just a simple hello in social situations. Here are some common and popular Ugandan language phrases to help you get around in Uganda.

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