De Brazza’s Monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus)

De Brazza’s Monkey, a spectacular thickset guenon, has a relatively short tail, a hairy face with a reddish-brown patch around its eyes, a white band across its brow and a distinctive white mustache and beard.

Primarily a west African species, this monkey is very localized in east Africa, most likely to be seen in the vicinity of Mount Elgon and Semliki national parks.

De Brazza's Monkey uganda

Habitat & Ecology

This mainly arboreal species is associated with riverine forest habitats. It is found close to rivers in lowland and sub-montane tropical moist forest, swamp forest, semi-deciduous forest and Acacia dominated forest.

De Brazza’s Monkey is much more inconspicuous than most other monkey guenons, with an extraordinary freezing antipredator behavior, rarely using group calls and rarely found in polyspecific troops. It lives in small family parties, although it can be found in groups of up to 35 individuals.

This African primate is hunted for bushmeat, especially in the more western and central parts of its range, while in East Africa it is killed as an agricultural pest.