Uganda Park Entry Fees 2021/2022

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA: ooh-wa) is responsible for all national parks and wildlife reserves in Uganda. Tel:  256 312 355 000 and email[email protected] The Uganda park entry fees, gorilla permits, and prices are taken from the UWA tariff applicable for the 14 month period between July 2020 and June 2022.

Visitation fees for UWA-protected areas fall into three categories, A, B, and C.

Category A:

Park NameFNRFRChildren(5-15)EAN
Murchison Falls NP
Queen Elizabeth NP
Bwindi Impenetrable NP
Mgahinga NP
Lake Mburo NP
Kibale National Park
Kidepo Valley National park
USD 40USD 30USD 20UGX 20,000

Category B:

Park NameFNRFRChildren(5-15)EAN
Rwenzori Mountains
Semuliki NP
Mount Elgon National Park
Tooro Semliki Game Reserve
Katonga Game Reserve
Pian Upe wildlife reserve
USD 35USD 25USD 5UGX 15,000

Children aged five to 15 years pay USD 5. Under-fives enter all protected areas for free.

Category C:

Category C includes all other Reserves;

Park NameFNRFRChildren(5-15)EAN
Ajai, Bokora, Bugungu, East Madi, Kabwoya, Karuma, Kigezi, Kyambura, MathenikoUSD 10USD 5UGX 2,500

Entrance permits

Entrance permits are included in the price for certain special activities such as mountaineering on the Rwenzori, Mgahinga, and Mount Elgon, gorilla tracking in Bwindi and Mgahinga, golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga and the Kibale chimpanzee tracking and habituation experience.

Mountaineering Fees

In Mount Elgon National Park and Mgahinga National Park, a daily mountaineering fee of USD 50 for both foreign residents and non-residents and Ush50,000 for east African citizens includes fees for park entrance and ranger/escort. On Mount Elgon, where trips usually take several days, this fee does not include camping or a porter’s cost.

On the Rwenzori Mountains, you pay a mountaineering fee of USD 50 for both foreign residents and non-residents and Ush50,000 for East African citizens.

Other fees are contained within the rates for packages operated by Rwenzori Trekking Services and Rwenzori Mountaineering Services.

Accommodation Charges

Accommodation charges for units operated by the UWA vary widely from USD 5 to USD 15 per person depending on the standard of accommodation and whether they are sharing.

Camping at all UWA public campsites costs

  • USD $40 for category A,
  • USD $30 for category B and
  • UGX 20,000 for category C.

Guided Services

The services of a ranger/guide for game drives cost USD $20 per vehicle for day game drives but USD $30 per person for night drives. Only pre-registered vehicles will undertake night game drives. The use of UWA guides is mandatory for night game drives.

Most guided walks cost USD $30/40 per person for a day or night. The most glaring exceptions are for primate tracking.

Gorilla Tracking Permits Price

The popular gorilla tracking excursions in Bwindi Impenetrable, which must normally be booked well in advance through the UWA headquarters in Kampala, cost USD $700/$600/UGX250,000 for non-residents, foreign residents, or East African citizens, respectively.

Discounted gorilla permits for Dec 2020 to June 2021 cost USD $400/$300/UGX150,000 for non-residents, foreign residents, or East African citizens.

Chimpanzee Tracking Permits

Non-residents, foreign residents, or east African citizens respectively pay USD $200/$150/Ush150,000 for chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park, and USD $50/$50/Ush30,000 in Kyambura Gorge (QENP) and USD $30/30/Ush20,000 in Semliki \Wildlife Reserve.

Discounted Chimpanzee Tracking Permit price from Dec 2020 to June 2021 is USD $150/$100/UGX100,000 for non-residents, foreign residents, or East African citizens, respectively.

Habituation Permits

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX), considerably a much entertaining excursion that chimpanzee tracking costs USD 250 for both foreign nonresidents and East African residents and Ush 250,000 for East African nationals.

Gorilla Habituation Experience, where you are allowed to spend more hours with doctors and researchers following gorillas in the jungle, costs USD 1,500 for nonresidents and US$1000 for residents, and Ush 750 for east African nationals.

Special Pass

Residents of East Africa can buy a special pass allowing them free entrance to all national parks for a year at USD $350 for one person, USD $500 for a couple, or US$700 for a family with up to four children aged 15 or younger.

Which Currency?

It has always been possible to pay visitation and other UWA fees (including gorilla tracking) in the local currency. In recent years, this has been the best way to pay, aside from the hassle of carrying large numbers of small-denomination US dollar bills. Note that while the UWA only accepts US$100 bills issued during or since 1997, they use a conversion rate lower than you’ll get in Kampala, so the double conversion generally works in your favor.

Vehicle Entrance

In addition to personal entrance fees, private 4×4 vehicles pay an entrance fee of USD $15 for Ugandan registrations and USD $150 for foreign vehicles. Ugandan saloon cars pay USD $10/Ush20,000, and foreign ones US$40.

Note that though parking is provided, vehicle entrance fees are not levied for forested national parks such as Kibale, Bwindi, and Mgahinga.


We understand that the bureaucratic process of paying park fees and acquiring the right legitimate receipts is a hundy process in Uganda, and we wouldn’t want you to go through that experience. Our licensed brand Nkuringo Safaris Ltd will process your permits and fees with UWA on your behalf and make sure you have your permit as soon as to drop into the country.

Talk to a consultant right now to help you start planning.

New July 2022 to June 2024 UWA Rates

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Park entrance453525,000
Game Drive (Day)302530,000
Game Drive (Night) per person403540,000
Launch trip to bottom of falls302530,000
Hiking to top of falls151010,000
Viewing top of the falls101010,000
Top of falls for institutionsnana5,000
Viewing top of falls for sec-school studentsnana20,000
Sport Fishing per day505050,000
Whitewater rafting505050,000
Bird Watching302520,000
Park entrance403020,000
Game Drive (Day)302530,000
Launch trip302530,000
Nature Walk151010,000
Mangoose tracking302530,000
Hippo Census10080100,000
Lion Tracking10080100,000
Chimp Tracking in Kyambura Gorge504030,000
Park entrance403020,000
Gorilla Tracking700600250,000
Gorilla Habituation1,5001,000750,000
Nature Walk151010,000
Guided Walk (Rushaga to Nyabaremura)504050,000
Guided Walk (Buhoma to Nkuringo)504050,000
Batwa Forest Experience404040,000